About Us

We at Restaurant Equipment by Pro Load have been helping food service customers for many years. From the largest food service customers to the hot dog cart owners.

Let us help you with your equipment, service, and parts needs.

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History of Restaurant Equipment by Pro Load

  • 1974 Company founder and President Scott Hodges began moving restaurant equipment in the course of serving his then current clients.
  • 1980 Scott began his own service moving and relocating equipment for government agencies and school cafeterias.
  • 1985 Commenced installation of food service equipment for Hershey Ice Cream, Jack and Jill and various government agencies.
  • 1991 Scott started Pro Load, we installed and delivered restaurant equipment, food service equipment for Hershey ice Cream, Edy's Ice Cream, Jack and Jill, Coca-Cola, Odwalla Juice, Superior Products and many other companies as well as mom and pops, food service, and restaurants.
  • 1993 Scott received his EPA refrigeration certificate and began repairing commercial refrigeration and setting up commercial cooking equipment.
  • 2003 Scott's son, Jim Hodges, started full time for Pro Load and started learning the installation, repair, and reconditioning of restaurant equipment. Jim had worked for Pro Load from the time he was 6 years old in the summer, holidays, and weekends.
  • 2010 Jim received his EPA refrigeration certificate and began to repair, recondition and engineer restaurant equipment.
  • 2015 Pro Load moved into a new warehouse and showroom and within 5 years accrued 2 more warehouses to accommodate national companies and government agencies needs and services.
  • 2020 Over 32,000 pieces of restaurant equipment repaired, reconditioned, engineered, sold, transported and installed.